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I just wanted to try and clarify why it is we take deposits and the deposit process. Basically it works like this: If you would like me to tattoo you, we discuss your idea until we’re both on the same page and then I will quote you a price. If that works for you, then we can agree on a time to do the tattoo and then I ask that you pay a deposit to secure that apt. I’ll send you a drawing the day before your appointment for you to check out. If you need to make minor changes from here its not a problem!

Here’s the tricky part - if you cancel your appointment in less than 48 hours, whether you’ve got a drawing or not, then you will lose the deposit. The point of the deposit is to secure the time in our schedule to work, not to have me do a drawing for you that you can see in time to cancel without losing your deposit. Its a grey area for a lot of people, understandably, but otherwise tattooers end up doing drawings for clients and them have them cancel because they decided they don’t want to get it after they’ve seen the drawing.

So basically if you know you want to get a tattoo from me, then you book the time and pay the deposit and I will get you the design you want, if you want minor changes no problem. Hope this clarifies the process! Cheers!